Artist: Feleps | Brand: Feleps | Social: @_Feleps_  | Collection: One Linha | Process: Illustration

I was born in Fortaleza, a beach city of Brazil. Thanks to my father’s occupation as an agronomist & biologist I grew up experiencing the natural beauty of beaches and forests. Later, in my teenage years I moved to Brasilia, a city planned and built according to the lines of modernist philosophy. These contradictions of environment influenced how I see the world and express this vision in art. Earning a degree in Industrial Design awoke in me the notion that art and industry can relate harmoniously, their apparent antagonism be resolved.

After using the hatch and watercolor techniques, and inspired by projects on natural structures that can be whittled into mathematical drawings, I developed a minimalist dash inspired by the geometry of nature. Lines and curves are formed by a few lines over the piece, creating abstract textures or thematic projects.The act of creating is an intrinsic human capacity that can be developed through practice or forgotten through unbridled consumption. The love I have for creative activity is what makes me an artist; besides being a graphic artist, I also work with illustrated books, designed tapestries, postage stamps and murals. Art for me is therapy, salvation.

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