Artist: Lp Ǽkili Ross  Brand: LPǼ38 Social: @LPAE38 Collection: Dry Pixels | Process: Digital Paint & Collage

Art is my first language.
I use many artistic disciplines to communicate- Digital Graphics Arts, Fashion Design, Film, Photography, Motionography, Poetry & Lyricism, Sound Design, Musical Composition, Guerilla Marketing- and though seemingly disparate all my work is connected by a thread of inquiry into my inner dialogues, my concerns, desires, frustrations, admirations, discoveries, confusions, perplexities, distractions, needs, passions, and conflicts.

Art is an intimate and mutual exchange between artist and witness; it transforms the moment of capturing someone’s attention into a bridge for joining intelligence on a multi-way street. I use Technology as my tool to express art through copious colors, fractals, dark lights, distracting sounds, complex textures, interactive rhythms, responsive motion, intellectual wearables, unobvious words, oxymoronic humor, abstract allegories, and more in attempt to stimulate as many different senses of an audience's attention as possible.          

I began creating at the age of 8 experimenting with digital composition, having the distinct privilege of both my parents being Software Developers, as well as photographers & thespians; it has been of great benefit incubating in an environment where both logic & abstraction were welcome.

My early start helped, but it is my passionate engagement with the field that continues to pay off; Since 2010 I have been awarded the Glimpses In Time Juror’s Award in Photography (2010), won the Graphic Arts Award for e-retailer NewEgg.com (2012), had my artwork shared by Netflix’s Marvel’s Daredevil (2016), been interviewed by France’s Inter “Vivre en vrai et vivre en ligne” (2014), commissioned to design the logo for the Neukom Institute at Dartmouth College (2011), featured in National Geographic’s documentary “Original Sin” (2016) and am an official Comic-Con professional.

My travels throughout Africa to Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa & Tanzania; Europe to Belgium, Italy, France, UK & the Netherlands; & Mexico have also granted me a cultural fluency I reflect in my work.

"A man who works with his hands is a laborer. A man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman. A man who works with his hands, brains, and heart is an artist."

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