Artist: Dennis Mayfiled | Brand: Por Vida | Collection: Muata | Process: Acrylic Paint

POR VIDA -art and clothing for life- is a conscious fashion movement. Por Vida recognizes that we are all artists when it comes to our fashion and style. If we are going to be walking billboards or walking picket signs let our style speak to values we believe in and identify with. Por Vida takes great pride in bridging artists who have a message of truth and reality to the fashion and style arena. We work with selected artists who contribute their imagery to be transformed into artwear in order to bring face and support to the realities that have inspired them.


Por Vida has helped our featured artist, Dennis Mayfield support grass roots solar and gardening projects in South Africa and messages of non violence and responsibility to the youth of our global communities.

Created in 2005 by activist and educator, Emily Chavez, it is with great honor that Por Vida teams up with humancanvas, a like minded platform for art and fashion. We are excited to be featured exclusively on humancanvas.me and to offer our line of artwear inspired by masterpieces that speaks to more than fashion and style. Por Vida -art and clothing for life- spans art, social justice, and fashion, combining them into one garment to be worn with pride!


POR VIDA’s honorary artist is Dennis Mayfiled. Mayfiled grew up in the streets of Los Angeles and was incarcerated 30 years ago. Through his own state of oppression he has lifted himself to a place where he taught himself to paint beautiful and moving images that represent that which is sacred and important to him. Mayfiled dedicates much of his strength to his long time mentor and friend Stanley “Tookie” Williams. Brewer spends much of his time writing letters of encouragement and advice to youth who are targeted and face struggle as he did.

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