An Evolutionary Perspective of Personal Style

By Jihan McDonald

Humans have always been social beings. We have also been nomadic beings for the majority of our past. In a constantly shifting environment being visibly different is a matter of survival; if there is something unique about you, you get noticed. In an emergency you can be sure people will notice if you are there or not. If there’s nothing setting you apart you just blend in, you get lost.

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It might seem like there would be a disadvantage in being conspicuous when considering but when personal style is practiced collectively it normalizes being eye-catching. Imagine you’re the member of a herd of zebra as we know them. Being the only zebra with purple stripes could get you into trouble. Now imagine you’re the member of a herd of rainbow zebra; when everyone in the group has something to make them notable those same stripes don’t mean a thing.

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Presenting yourself, & being seen, in a certain fashion is a way of saying you belong where you are. When you go to a job interview at a corporate office you’re likely wearing a suit of some form because its the culture of the place to be visually nondescript.

Being conspicuous only poses a threat in a place where everyone else is not. Choosing to present yourself in a way that is authentic & personal has an impact, it creates a culture in which showing your real self is the predominant style. Our Rome is one that celebrates individual expression in all its colors, shapes & forms.

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